Graphic Background Cabinet

Designer Anna Perino’s Graphic Background Cabinet is an inspired fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and brilliant graphic artwork. The stylish, purist wooden body has a Plexiglas enclosure in front of the rear panel, allowing exhibition space to showcase interchangeable graphics, raised with oblique, sleek steel legs. An exciting ‘picture frame’ item of furniture. Manufactured in a Swabian crafts business.

Body: walnut or birch. Real wood veneer with with continuous, even veneer pattern. Carrier material: MDF. Any carrier material used is free of both formaldehyd and heavy metal. Legs: powder-coated steel tube (black, pink champagne, vanilla). Perspex disc before the back panel. Manufactured in a Swabian craftsbusiness.

Height (body and legs altogether): 130cm
Height of body, legs included: Body height: 50 cm, body depth 32 cm, body width: 38cm.
Comes with one graphic; selectable from a range of different styles!
Graphic format: 474 mm x 353 mm.

PRICE: 670 Euro